Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting You Up To Speed

I'm David Ritchie; having majored in Graphic Design at University, i too have a piece of paper (Bachelor of Visual Arts) that tells me i'm good at something. I define myself as being a visual artist, rather than a Graphic Designer. I have a strong passion for art and anything to do with it. I find street art to be the most intriguing, i think its due to the feeling of freedom you get from it, when doing a piece, or even just using the also provides a liberating fuck you to all the powers out there that deem it vandalism. I think every piece of spray-painted material, regardless of it original intent, has some amount of artistic merit. So much dope work goes unnoticed. 

My other passion snowboarding is a continual inspiration for my work. The entire culture is like a readers digest of ideas..

Above is some of my print/illustration work from last year, which should hopefully get you up to speed on where i am currently with my practice.


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