Saturday, June 13, 2009

nude no more......... guys should follow this link threadless and vote for my tee for the following ten reasons.

1. its a cool print.
2. if you vote you will receive instant good karma.
3. i need the money.
4. if my tee gets enough votes it will be printed and worn all over the world and that would be awesome.
5. you are already sitting in front of the computer anyway so why not?
6. it took me long time to figure out how to download my design onto the threadless website so it would make it worth all the hard work if lots of people vote.
7. its just a nice thing to do
8. then you could buy one and receive even more good karma and who doesn't want more good karma?? 
9. because then my bird in a bunny suit would be a happy bird in a bunny suit.
10. i came up with ten good reasons really early on a sunday morning when it hard to think if ten good reasons to do anything.


bayley x

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